venerdì 18 febbraio 2011

25 Beautiful Minimalist Designs

"Simplify, simplify, simplify."
It's one of Thoreau's most enduring witticisms, and with good reason. When faced with the ever-increasing barrage of information that is modern life, many people find solace in minimalism. This trend has taken an especially strong hold on the Web.
Minimalism and simplification draw attention to important page elements. Using lots and lots of empty space makes content stand out. The overall effect is calming and sophisticated, a welcome break from the typical gauntlet of advertisements and traffic and television and whatever else screams incessantly for your attention.
For your inspiration, here are 25 beautiful minimalist designs. Some are charming, some powerful, some stunning, but they’re all linked by the same idea: simplicity, simplicity, simplicity.

Miguel Ripoll
Miguel Ripoll's homepage, a white background with black serif text of varying sizes

26000 Vodka
26000 Vodka's Natural Grain Spirit page, a hand cupping some grain with a short paragraph of description

Weather Flash
Weather Flash displaying Atlanta's weather. An uncluttered blue background with bubbly icons and basic weather information.

FRKT's Website, monochromatic with only one image

Cascading Style S--t
Cascading Style Shit, a plain white background with neatly arranged, visually spare icons that link to various CSS blogs

The Big Word Project
The Big Word Project, a white page containing magnet-art-style words linking to various Websites

WordPress AntiVirus
WordPress AntiVirus homepage, containing a short paragraph of text and a chunky image of the WordPress icon wearing a camouflage hat

For a Beautiful Web
For a Beautiful Web homepage, a brown background with large, white text

Have You Flossed Today?
Flossed Today homepage, a blue and pink background with two icons of a happy tooth and a sad tooth

Tajloro homepage, with a white background, neatly arranged text elements, and a few unintrusive images

JeromeM, an earthy color scheme with minimal visual elements

min-style homepage, containing minimalist font and one large image

Delicious Design Studio
Delicious Design Studio, with a mulled, pastel color scheme, rectangular page elements, and a solid background

Plush Department
Plush Department, with a white background, chunky pink and black text, and one large image

Troiani Design
Troiani Design homepage, with a faded gradient background, a clean layout, and small images

Get and Give
Get and Give's Care for Kids Farm page is drenched in white space

Black Estate
Black Estate homepage, black background with white text and a black wine bottle shrouded in shadow

The Unexpected Pit Bull
The Unexpected Pit Bull homepage has a sky background fading to white, a faded text nav bar down the left-hand side, and a large image in the middle that shifts between pictures of gentle-looking pit bulls

Go Go Gunner
Go Go Gunner page displaying a large image against a white background and minimal black text navigation

A Woman in the Mirror
A Woman in the Mirror homepage, with a plain background, neatly organized chunks of text, and one simple image of a flower

Zupadupa homepage, consisting of a black background and graceful green and white lines and text navigation

Organic SEO
Organic SEO homepage has earthy colors, an image of a treetop, and neatly organized blocks of text

The How To Stretching Zone
How to Stretch homepage, featuring a built, shirtless man balancing on one hand next to a list of text links to different stretches

Made By On
MadeByOn homepage, black-and-white with a large featured design commanding most of the visual space

Popmatik homepage, featuring an image of a water bottle with a small starburst background and a ton of white space

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