mercoledì 15 luglio 2009

Start JavaFX project DigLayout v.3

I'm writing new release DigLayout v.3 Layout Manager for JavaFX. In version 3 you can resize object in runtime and DigLayout intercept all change and resize your layout using your roules. DigLayout 3 support: horizontal and vertical alignment, horizontal and vertical gap and colspan. You can insert, delete, change, resize,... Nodes in DigLayout at run time.
I'm also writing a JavaFX visual tool for write graphic interfaces (with advanced support of DigLayout 3) than you can draw a new interface without source code. My tool generate all graphic interface JavaFX source code that you can use in your application.

Student winner: JavaFX Coding Challenge

A mail arrived from a Sun's employee:
CONGRATULATIONS! You are one of the Student Winners of the JavaFX Coding Challenge. Your JavaFX Application, Real Track Car Race, was selected as one of the winning Student applications! [...]
Thank you very much! i'm very very happy! Congrats to all winners:

Student Winners:

mercoledì 1 luglio 2009


Project web site and source code:
This is my game submit in javafx challenge. This is a car race in real track. You can set start address and end address and run in multiplayer in real routing generated track (you can see your home street). In this game there is a phyisic library, RMI, and DigLayout library all open source. There are some track generating algoritmics. I mashup data from free api for routing point and yahoo api for geocoding.